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The Launch of Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 attract numerous major Pet brands in Vietnam

In the morning of February 27, 2024, the launch event and press conference introducing the Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 were successfully held with the participation of distinguished delegates, esteemed guests, specialized associations, business organizations and media agencies. In the press conference, RL Group Asia – the parent company of RL Group Expo, the […]

Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024: Pivotal opportunity for Pet Shop Startups in Vietnam

The Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 is highlighted as a pivotal opportunity for pet shop startups in Vietnam, reflecting the nation’s booming pet industry. With pet ownership on the rise, enriching lifestyles, and increasing demand for pet products and services, the expo serves as a crucial platform for showcasing the latest trends and innovations. It underscores the evolving consumer preferences towards pet care and the wide array of pet food and services available in Vietnam.

Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 – The Gathering Place for Pet Lovers

The pet industry in Vietnam is rapidly growing, filled with potential and paving the way for pet-related events. Among these, the most anticipated event by pet lovers in 2024 is the “Vietnam Global Pet Expo,” set to take place from April 19 to 21. This event is expected to attract over 10,000 visitors and will offer a variety of engaging activities to explore.