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Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024: Pivotal opportunity for Pet Shop Startups in Vietnam

The Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 is highlighted as a pivotal opportunity for pet shop startups in Vietnam, reflecting the nation’s booming pet industry. With pet ownership on the rise, enriching lifestyles, and increasing demand for pet products and services, the expo serves as a crucial platform for showcasing the latest trends and innovations. It underscores the evolving consumer preferences towards pet care and the wide array of pet food and services available in Vietnam.

The pet industry is seen as having significant potential in the Vietnamese market, as pets are increasingly viewed as family members. This shift has led to a growing demand for pet products and services, offering businesses the opportunity to capitalize on this rapid growth trend.

The pet care industry in Vietnam is rapidly expanding, with significant market potential. According to a report by Vietnam Global Pet Expo, the industry’s revenue in 2022 was $54.5 million, with a strong growth projection to $94.2 million by 2025. This underscores the immense potential of the pet market.

Reflecting broader trends, as material living standards improve, so does the demand for mental and emotional fulfillment. This has led to an increased interest in pet ownership, particularly among Vietnam’s youth, transforming it into a lifestyle choice where pets are treated as family members. A recent survey highlighted that a significant portion of Vietnam’s urban population, especially young adults aged 20-38, prefer pet ownership, with dogs being the most popular choice. This preference among the youth, who are also savvy online shoppers, presents a significant opportunity for pet businesses to engage with this demographic through digital platforms. The trend towards pet ownership is expected to steadily increase in 2023, indicating a robust growth trajectory for the pet industry. The popularity of pet-related social media groups further underscores the vibrant pet-loving community in Vietnam, influencing a rise in demand for pet products and services.

In Vietnam, the dog food market is diverse, featuring brands from France, the USA, Thailand, and more. Pet owners have a variety of options, from dry kibble to canned meat. Preferences vary, with 14% opting for dry or canned food, 29% choosing homemade fresh food, and 51% favoring a combination of canned and homemade food. This reflects the convenience of dry food and the nutritional benefits and taste of wet food, with many pet owners combining both types for their pets.

Additionally, pet services in Vietnam are becoming more varied, including spa grooming, veterinary care, pet sitting, breeding, and more. The Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 aims to cater to this growing trend by providing a unique platform for pet lovers, businesses, and pet shop owners to connect, learn, and collaborate. This event seeks to create a vibrant community for pet enthusiasts, fostering meaningful shopping experiences and collaborations in the pet industry.

The Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 offers an invaluable opportunity for pet shop startups seeking to grow and expand their presence in the promising pet industry.

A key reason for participating is the chance to access a wide variety of new products, with exhibitors from both domestic and international markets, providing a dynamic trading environment.

This event is a golden opportunity for direct interaction with leading suppliers, expanding product ranges, and finding strategic partners to develop marketing strategies.

Through the Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024, businesses and pet shop owners will have a great opportunity to showcase their products and services, as well as connect and build cooperative relationships with potential partners.

The event includes exhibitions and seminars, serving as a platform for sharing valuable knowledge and experiences on pet care, with insights from industry experts on nutrition, health, training, and more.

Scheduled from April 19 to 21, 2024, the expo promises comprehensive industry development and memorable experiences for the pet-loving community. For more details, visit the event’s official website:


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