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Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 – The Gathering Place for Pet Lovers

The pet industry in Vietnam is rapidly growing, filled with potential and paving the way for pet-related events. Among these, the most anticipated event by pet lovers in 2024 is the “Vietnam Global Pet Expo,” set to take place from April 19 to 21. This event is expected to attract over 10,000 visitors and will offer a variety of engaging activities to explore.

The “Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024,” organized by RL Group Expo, marks the first large-scale, professional pet fair and exhibition. It aims to create a diverse showcase and interactive experience with the latest products, services, trends, and innovations in the pet industry. It also seeks to facilitate trade, business connections, and the exchange of experiences among domestic and international pet businesses, experts, and enthusiasts. 

The “Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024” is set to be the largest and first playground for pet enthusiasts, spanning three days at Sala Premium Residence in Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City. With an estimated exhibition space of 16,000m², both indoor and outdoor activities are designed to cater to different settings. The event expects to attract over 200 exhibitors from more than 10 countries and over 10,000 potential visitors, offering a wide range of products, services, and entertainment activities for pets and their owners. Highlights include the Corgi Marathon, pet care seminars, play areas for pets, pet fashion shows, and a bustling weekend market, providing a unique opportunity for pet lovers to connect, share advice, and enjoy quality time with their beloved pets.

Exhibition of industries and brands for pets

The exhibition aims to introduce and promote domestic and international pet brands and products, facilitating connections between businesses. It allows brands to reach customers and important partners, enhancing brand recognition and opening up collaboration opportunities.

Especially, the organizers will support business connections, marketing, and logistics for partners, suitable for small or newly established brands looking for cost-effective promotion solutions. Additionally, the Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 invites businesses, brands, and startups from the pet sector to showcase their products and tap into the vibrant Vietnamese market, offering a chance to find strategic partners and expand their business network.

Pet industry seminars for business customers or pet shop owners

Within the Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024, themed seminars are essential. These sessions, aimed at business clients or pet shop owners, offer discussions and opportunities to connect their products with the vast potential of Vietnam’s pet market. It’s a significant chance for pet industry professionals to become speakers, share expertise, and enhance their influence in Vietnam’s burgeoning pet sector.

The seminars at the Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 will cover topics such as exploring Vietnam’s pet industry; opportunities for global brands or new pet shop owners to enter the Vietnamese pet market; understanding the preferences and habits of Vietnamese consumers; and strategies for marketing and brand building. These discussions aim to provide deep insights into the dynamic pet market in Vietnam.

Flea Market – Weekend Market at Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024

With over 10,000 attendees, Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 aims to be Vietnam’s largest pet festival, offering a vibrant atmosphere and unique experiences for pets and their owners. The event is not only an entertainment venue for pets but also an ideal opportunity for partners to boost sales.

Additionally, the expo welcomes passionate and innovative pet shop startups to register for Startup Booths, providing a golden opportunity for small businesses or startups to participate in a large-scale event at optimal costs, showcasing their products, meeting potential customers, and enjoying the festival atmosphere.

Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 is set to be the biggest and most anticipated pet event of the year. For those interested and seeking more information, you’re encouraged to contact via Zalo at +84 946 127 979, Whatsapp: +66 629 878 774 or visit their Facebook page:

This event promises an exciting and meaningful day for the pet-loving community, offering unique opportunities to engage and celebrate.

Don’t miss out on joining this vibrant festival. For further details, including contact information and updates, please refer to the official Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 website or their social media platforms.

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