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The Launch of Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 attract numerous major Pet brands in Vietnam

In the morning of February 27, 2024, the launch event and press conference introducing the Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 were successfully held with the participation of distinguished delegates, esteemed guests, specialized associations, business organizations and media agencies.

In the press conference, RL Group Asia – the parent company of RL Group Expo, the organizer of this event – successfully introduced and launched the first and largest pet festival in Vietnam – Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024, to numerous renowned pet brands in Vietnam. This event not only served as a meeting place for famous domestic pet brands but also as a bridge for cooperation with major brands from Thailand, aiming to explore and develop the domestic pet market.

Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 is organized to introduce the latest products, services, trends, and innovations in the pet industry, while providing opportunities for international and domestic pet brands to explore the market, introduce products, and conduct sales in Vietnam. Additionally, the event aims to create a networking platform where pet lovers can interact, share experiences, and engage with each other. 

This is not just an ordinary pet festival but also an important forum where businesses and individuals in the pet industry have the opportunity to exchange ideas and seek business opportunities. Moreover, the press conference was attended by special guests representing companies and organizations in the pet industry, not only domestically but also internationally, such as Minino, Equi, Gandor, INABA, Ciao, Pawdy, True GS, Glow Inc For Paws, Laws For Paws Vietnam, The Pet, Olmix Asia, Helicorp, and O-Tech

The launch event of the first pet festival in Vietnam was attended by special guests such as:

  • Mr. Ryan Le – Founder of RL Group Asia
  • Ms. Mina Pham – CEO & Co-founder of RL Group Asia and the main planner of Vietnam Global Pet Expo, Global Pet Festival
  • Mr. Christian Kublick – Regional Manager of RL Group Asia
  • Ms. Jessica Le – APEC Marketing Manager of Archer Daniels Midland Vietnam – the gold sponsor of this program
  • Ms. Đinh Hoàng Yến – CEO & Founder of Glow Inc for Paws, co-organizer of Corgi Marathon
  • Ms. Elizabeth Homfray, Founder of the philanthropic organization Laws for Paws Vietnam
  • Ms. Pornpan Praphenee (Tong) – CEO & Founder of Pawdy, Thailand’s leading pet food brand
  • Mr. Yoon Jae Shin, Operations Director of True GS, a conglomerate in Thailand’s telecommunications technology sector and one of the largest network providers in Thailand
  • Mr. Phan Cao Sơn – Country Sales Manager from INABA, a premium brand from Japan
  • Along with the exhibitors and invited guests, distributors, and pet shops in the Ho Chi Minh City area.

The press conference provided valuable insights into Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024, as well as an overview of the pet industry, the aspirations, and desires of the organizers, sponsors, and exhibitors for this event. In addition, exhibitors had the opportunity to introduce their latest, creative, and innovative products to major and minor distributors and pet shops, emphasizing their pioneering spirit and commitment to the development and improvement of pets’ quality of life.

Mr. Christian Kublick – Regional Manager of RL Group Asia, shared: “We are delighted and proud to organize Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024. This event is not only an opportunity for better pet care but also a great business opportunity for companies in the industry. RL Group Asia and RL Group Expo have high hopes, enthusiasm, and expectations for the success of Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024, as well as for creating memorable marks and sustainable development for the pet-loving community in Vietnam and globally. We believe that through this event, we can not only connect brands and consumers but also contribute to the overall prosperity of the pet industry, bringing value to all stakeholders.”

The potential of the pet market in Vietnam

In recent years, the pet industry has witnessed significant growth worldwide, and Vietnam is no exception to this trend. The pet market in Vietnam has grown from USD 29.6 million in 2016 to USD 54.5 million in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 94.2 million in 2025. Notably, the majority of pet owners in Vietnam are young, dynamic individuals, with 76% of people aged 20 to 38 owning at least one pet. This indicates a significant opportunity for the pet industry in Vietnam to develop.

Recognizing the inherent value and development opportunities for the pet industry in Vietnam as well as globally, RL Group Asia has conceived and launched the Global Pet Festival, a new event concept dedicated to the pet industry with many attractive activities for both B2B and B2C customers.

Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 will be the first event in the Global Pet Festival series. The goal of this event is to support and promote the development of the pet industry by creating an excellent platform to showcase and introduce new products, services, as well as share knowledge and experience in the industry.

Therefore, RL Group Asia aims not only to stimulate growth in the domestic market but also to open up opportunities for Vietnamese and international businesses to expand their business networks and develop together in the future.

Participate in Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 – bring your brand to the world stage

Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 is scheduled to take place over three days, from April 19 to April 21, 2024, at Sala Premium Residence, 10 Mai Chi Tho, An Loi Dong Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City. RL Group Asia has high hopes, enthusiasm, and expectations for the success of Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024.

The ways to participate in Vietnam Global Pet Expo 2024 are simple:

  • Visitor registration: Register for free entry on the website (
  • Exhibitors participating in booth booking: Contact the organizers directly via Whatsapp: +66 629 878 774 or visit the website.


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